Hot (or Cold) Cocoa

This cocoa is so tasty and healthy that it shouldn't be restricted to enjoying in cold weather only. If you're really too hot to enjoy this drink hot, you could always make the cold, refreshing version. This cocoa beverage contains no added sugar or fat. The only sugar and fat come from the whole organic soybeans in the soymilk. Cocoa powder, as opposed to chocolate, does not contain any sugar and only a trivial amount of fat.


  • 1/8 (1/4) cup water
  • 1 (2) tablespoon(s) Zweet natural sweetener¹
  • 1 (2) tablespoon(s) unsweetened, non alkalized natural cocoa powder²

  • 3/4 (1-1/2) cups organic unsweetened soymilk³

  • 1/8 (1/4) teaspoon real vanilla flavoring
  • 1/4 (1/2) teaspoon ground Ceylon cinnamon


  1. In a 1- (2-) cup Pyrex measuring cup, heat the water in the microwave oven on high until just to a boil (about 35-40 seconds).

  2. Add the Zsweet and cocoa powder, and stir well with fork to create chocolate syrup.

  3. Add the soymilk to the chocolate syrup up to the 1- (2-) cup mark, and stir.

  4. If hot cocoa is desired, microwave on high for 2 minutes or until hot. Stir in vanilla and cinnamon, and pour into one (two) 8-ounce mugs to serve immediately.

  5. If cold cocoa is desired, stir in vanilla and cinnamon, pour into covered container, and refrigerate until served.

Yield: 1 or (2) servings

Variations: This cocoa tastes great just as this recipe calls for. However, if you desire a garnish, you could add a few shaved pieces of chocolate or chocolate sprinkles to the surface of the mug of cocoa just prior to serving. Also, the traditional small marshmallows or whipped "cream" (vegan versions) can be used as toppings if you're not too worried about the ingredients. For a spicier version ("Mexican cocoa"), add a small amount of powdered cayenne pepper or chili powder to your taste. For chocolate mocha, add coffee.

¹ Zsweet

² cocoa powder

³ soymilk

Ceylon cinnamon

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